Finnish-American Emigrants to Soviet Karelia in 1930s

Laiho List

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Thousands of Finns from Finland and North America emigrated to Soviet Karelia in the early 1930s.  Single Finnish-Americans and families, with as many as 10 children, crossed the ocean to begin a new life.  Little did they know they had come to a land whose leader would ultimately destroy many of them in The Terror of 1937-38, and beyond.

The Laiho List is the result of research conducted at the University of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Immigrant History research Center and Findlandia University archives, by Rikhard Laiho and by a Dr. Rudolph Pinola, who created the Pinola List found in the archives of the U-MN, IHRC.

Additionally, Rikhard Laiho recruited the software database skills of Kevin Levonius to compare the Laiho List against the Victims of Karelia List (NKVD public records) to look for possible matches.  Because names were usually misspelled or the victims were given Russian names, special software was designed to consider this fact when examining both lists.  The special software electronically determined a best possible match when multiple data points were found to be the same after examining each missing person' s last name, first name, immigration date, and/or last recorded residence in the United States.  Therefore, the A - Ammuttu key was added to the Laiho List's S-K Data column to indicate when a match was found for those who were executed by Stalin's secret police.  If you have any additions or corrections to the Laiho List, please leave a message in the Laiho List Guest Book.

 The names in this list came from Finnish - American socialist newspapers, as announcement of travel name listings.  Finnish-Canadian names are being added to the Laiho List as they become known.  If you do not see a name on the list, please post your information on the Laiho List Guest Book.

Key to column 4 (S -K Data):  R-Returned; D-Died of natural causes in Karelia; E-evacuated during WWII; X-missing (names of persons who disappeared in 1930's as given by public record, etc.) #-Already in Karelia announcement came from S - K on 4/26/31; A - Ammuttu (Executed by Stalin's Secret Police as given by NKVD public record.

As such they are imperfect owing to the nature of such work, with random omissions of complete and/or accurate information.  Date column information is generally the date of the announcement of travel; however when the newspaper announcement itself provided a sailing date, that date will be found in this column.

Name Residence Date S-K Data
Aalatalo, Juho, Tekla & Paavo Warren, Ohio ??? X - Missing
Aalto, August Newport, NH 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Aalto, Dagmar & Violet Cleveland, OH 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Aalto, Ed NY, NY 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Aalto, Frank Ironwood, MI 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Aalto, John Sr. Anna & John Jr. NY, NY 9/21/1931 X - Missing
Aalto, Kalle & Taimi Red Granite, WI 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Aalto, Matti   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Aalto, Toivo ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Aaltonen, Kalle, Maria & Leo Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 R - Returned
Aaltonen, Oscar Detroit, MI 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Aaro Astoria, OR 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Adi Detroit, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Anton Chicago, IL 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Antti, Eila & Ida Coraopolis, PA 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Arne NY, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Edward, Aino, Leo & John Brantwood, MA 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Gust Mass, MI 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Henry, Kerttu, Vieno & Edia Ishpeming, MI 9/11/1932

R-Returned, Henry, Kerttu, Vieno & Edla Aho left for Karelia on 9/11/1932.  My grandfather, Henry Aho and his 2 daughters, Vieno and Kerttu (my mother) returned to the US, sailing from Southampton on 12/31/1935 and arrived in N.Y. on 1/7/1936. My grandmother, Edla Aho, sailed from Goteborg Sweden and arrived in N.Y. on 8/18/1936. My grandfather kept his U.S. passport and was able to return. My grandmother had to return via Finland and then came to the U.S.  Information provided by Ilona Harju 6-22-2013.

Aho, Hilda & Henry, and boys Chester, VT 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Hilma W. Frankfort, IL 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Kalle ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Lauri & Emma ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Mary San Pedro, CA 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Aho, Olavi   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Oscar Zim, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Otto ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Vaino Sault St Marie, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Aho, Victor Detroit, MI 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Aho, Waino, Lyyli & Eugene Brantwood, MN 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Aho, William & family Chester, VT 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Ahola, Leo & Fannie NY, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Ahti, Lauri ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Ahtiainen, Lauri Berkeley, CA 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Ahto, Jukko Detroit, MI 8/8/1931 X - Missing
Airaksinen, Kullervo Detroit, MI 9/11/1932 R - Returned
Alanen, Oscar, Martha & Roy Detroit, MI 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Alaniemi, T. Brainard, MN 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Alanto, Kalle & Ida Berkeley, CA 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Alanto, Sami & family Reedley, CA 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Alatalo, Akseli and family   6/3/1931 R - Returned
Alhanen, Niilo & Lillian Monessen, PA 11/9/1932 X - Missing
Alho, Axel Cleveland, OH 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Alsted, Tygo Ironwood, MI 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Alto, Matti, Cleveland, OH 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Anderson, Antti, Matilda & Walfred Astoria, OR 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Anderson, Harry West Paris, ME 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Anderson, Nestor ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Anderson, Waino Milwaukee, WI 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Antilla, August & Olga Enfield, NH 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Antilla, Jack Brookston, MN 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Antilla, John & Helen Astoria, OR 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Antilla, Toivo Palo, MN 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Anton, Kasper Teaneck, NJ 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Apponen, Arthur & Aili NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Arkangel, Arvid Warren, OH 5/17/1933 E-D, Urals, WWII, (A.S.)
Aro, Anna & Katri   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Arola, John, Fanny & Raymond Berkeley, CA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Arpianinen, David Eben Junction, MI 10/9/1932 X - Missing
Arvela, Asseli, Elvi & Hilda New Castle, PA 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Autio, Ed Waukegan, IL 10/20/1932 X - Missing
Autio, Oscar.Ruusa & Sulo Marquette, MI 6/3/1933 X - Missing
Auvinen, M.   4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Auvinen, Mary & Matti Cleveland, OH 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Auvinen,Maiju   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Backa, Henry J. & family Geiper, MT 10/29/1931 R - Returned
Backman, Antti Chicago, IL 6/3/1931 X - Missing
Bakko, Henry Detroit, MI 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Bari, Irja & Lempi NY, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Bay, John & Mamie Frederick, SD 10/16/1931 R - Returned
Beckman, August, Selma & Maria Iron River, MI           1/26/1932 X - Missing
Bento, Ernest, Fiina & family Boston, MA 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Bento, Raymond & Jorma Boston, MA 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Berg, John Foster Center, RI 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Berg, Lempi                                  NY, NY 5/17/1933 R - Returned
Bergstrom, Emil, John & Charles Embarrass, MN 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Berquist, Charles & Aina New Rochelle, NY 1/26/1932 R - Returned
Bjorn, Anton, Anni, Arvo,Hellen, Einar Angora, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Bjorni Brule, WI 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Bjorninen, Otto, Ada & Orvo Waukegan, IL 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Bjorniset   9/26/1931 X - Missing
Blom, Kalle   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Bloom, Elsa, Anni Winlock, WA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Bloomendahl, Valto & Saimi Marshfield, OR 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Boman, John Ontonogon, MI 10/8/1933 R - Returned
Bostrom, Arvo Brooklyn, NY 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Bostrom, Niilo Brooklyn, NY 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Boxberg, Matt Duluth, MN 11/13/1932 R - Returned
Brandt, John Cleveland, OH 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Broman, Oscar Enfield, NH 9/11/1932 R - Returned
Corgan, Oscar, Katri, Paul, Aino & Mayme Brule, WI 6/27/1934 A - Ammuttu, Oscar, executed 9 January 1938
Dahlberg, Mary, Henry & Olavi Detroit, MI 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Dahlgren,, Inez Westerly, RI 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Dahlman, Evert & Edla Roberts, MT (NY?) 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Dahlstrom, Eino ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Danielson, John Cotati, CA 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Davidson, Charles & family Detroit, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Davidson, Gust Highbridge, WI 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Davidson, Hilda                                         9/26/1931 D - Died
Davidson, Jack Rock, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Dolk, John E. NY, NY 10/16/1931 R - Returned
Doyle, John, Hilma & Keijo Wilmerding, PA 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Drugge, Kalle, Hilma & William ??? ??? X - Missing
Dyster, Kasper, Ida & Usko Cleveland, OH 9/21/1932 X - Missing
Dyster, Oiva                                              Cleveland, OH 12/29/1931 D- Died
Dyster,, John, Inez, Eddie & Shirley Cleveland, OH 9/21/1932 R - Returned
Earnest, Oskar & family Sebeka, MN 9/22/1931 X - Missing
Eerola ??? 4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Eerola, Urho & Rauha ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Ekblom, Vaino, Himmu, & Terttu   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Ekholm, Anselm & family Minneapolis, MN 10/29/1931 R - Returned
Ekholm, Arvid Baltimore, MD 10/29/1931 A - Ammuttu, Arvid, executed 21 January 1938
Eklund, Elli Brooklyn, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Eklund, Emil & Elvira Inwood, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Eklund, Frans-Konrad, Elsa & Maila Inwood, NY ??? X - Missing
Elo, Hilli & Jaakko Suomi 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Elo, Impi, William & Billy Fitchberg, MA 12/6/1932 X - Missing
Elo, John Quincy, MA 12/9/1931 A - Ammuttu, John, executed 21 January 1938
Elo, Michael   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Endokija, Sergeena ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Englund, Oskari WA ??? X - Missing
Enlund, Johan ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Erickson, Kari, Saimi & Hannes Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Erickson, Lauri, Emma & Nelma Portland, OR 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Erickson, Matt Republic, MI 1/26/1932 R - Returned
Erickson, Tauno Waukegan, IL 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Erikson, Hanski, Saina & Fr. NY, NY 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Erkkila, Alex Pequaming, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Erkkila, Saimi & Eino NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Ernesti, Kalle & family Sebeka, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Eronen, Kalle Westerly, MA 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Eskeli, Waino Hibbing, MN 11/18/1931 R - Returned
Eskelin, Vilho, Ellen & Aarre ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Eskola, Ed Prosser, WA   R - Returned
Eskola, Eino ??? ??? X - Missing
Eskola, Matt Fairport, OH 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Eskola, Meri & Mimmi Hartford, CN 6/3/1933 X - Missing
Eskola, Sam, Walfred, Toivo & Nanna ??? ??? A - Ammuttu, Sam, executed executed 28 December 1937
Eskola, Victor, Regina & Esther Cleveland, OH 8/11/1932 R-Esther;
Eskolin, Einar, Elli & Aarre Brooklyn, NY 10/26/1932 A - Ammuttu, Einar,  executed 28 April 1938 
Fager, John, Lizzie, Miina, Liisa, Tauno Quincy, MA 7/24/1932 X - Missing
Fakiina, Liiva ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Falk, Eino L'Anse, MI 9/21/1932 X - Missing
Filpus, Niilo, Elli, Paula & Spike Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 A - Ammuttu, Niilo & Elli, executed 21 January 1938; R - Returned, Paula; M - Missing, Spike
Finberg, Helvi, Anni, & Vaino Superior, WI 5/5/1932 A - Ammuttu, Vaino, executed 10 February 1938
Finnila, Akseli Bruce Crossing, MI 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Finnila, Pertti Bruce Crossing, MI 8/19/1931 R - Returned
Flygan, S. & A., & boys Ishpeming, MI 6/3/1933 X - Missing
Fors, Ainikki NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Fors, Emil Westerly, RI 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Fors, Waino   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Forsman, Nestori & Margareta Inwood, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Forsman, Victor, Sofia, Ilmi & Irma Angora, MN 1/16/1932 X - Missing
Forss, Saima, Rauni & Helvi ??? 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Forsten, John & Hilja Cleveland, OH 5/22/1931 X - Missing
Frantila, Bert Detroit, MI 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Freeman, Tauno, Nasta & Herman ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Frilund, Keijo, Ilma & Irma Chicago, IL 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Friman, Oscar Mahtowa, MN 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Frojd, Karl R. Eureka, CA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Frost, Matti & Ida ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Gillberg, Lea & Theodore Cleveland, OH 9/21/1932 X - Missing
Gillberg, Tyyne Cleveland, OH 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Gillberg, Walfred Cleveland, OH 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Goldberg, J. Astoria, OR 8/11/1931 A - Ammuttu, Juho, executed 8 May 1938
Grandeli, Toivo, Ellis & Kerttu Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 X - Missing
Granholm, Aino   9/26/1931 X - Missing
Granholm, Otto   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Granholm, Paula, Otto, Aina & Kerttu Waukegan, IL 1/16/1932 Paula married & moved
Green, Herman & Hazel Tahti, OR 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Gronlund, Arvid & Saima Minneapolis, MN 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Gronroos, Geoorge G.   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Gronroos, Victor, Saima & Leslie Tripoli, WI 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Haahti, Martti Westerly, RI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Haajanen, Mary & Tanya Fitchburg, MA ??? X - Missing
Haakanen, Kaarlo, Judith & Sirkka Quincy, MA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Haapala, Kalle Eben Junction, MI 12/10/1932 D-Kazan
Haapaniemi, Nikolai, Alma, Ernest, Eleanor Painsdale, MI ??? X - Missing
Haarala, Kaino K. Lebanon, NH 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Haataja, Emil & family   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Haavio, Kari, Mary & Earl Ludlow, VT 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Haavisto, Antti Ironwood, MI 10/16/1931 R - Returned
Haavisto, Ida Ironwood, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Hack, Henry Walpole, MA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Hagg, J.I. Steubenville, OH 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Hagglund, Alof, Lillian & R. Nashwauk, MN 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Haikka, Lauri & Hilda NY, NY 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hakala, Alex Mahtowa, MN 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Hakala, George A. Bessemer, MI 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Hakala, Isaac Cromwell, MN 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Hakala, Vilho   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Hakala, Wilho NY, NY 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Hakalin, Oscar ???  8/30/1931 X - Missing
Hakanen, Kaarlo H. Quincy, MA 9/24/1932 X - Missing
Hakanen, Sirkka & Judith NY, NY 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Hakkinen, Hilda NY 8/19/1931 X - Missing
Hakkinen, Vilho Chicago, IL 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Halberg, Urho ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Hall, Graham   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Hallinen, Werner, Bertha & Ruth Rock, MI 11/18/1931 R - Returned
Halme, Aili & Bill NY, NY 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Halme, Elsa  NY, NY 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Halme, George & Hilma Kingfield, ME 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Halme, Ivar Newberry, MI 10/9/1932 A - Ammuttu, Ivar (Iivari), executed 20 January 1938 
Halme, Kalle, Inez & Hulda Detroit, MI 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Halme, Karl ??? 4/26/1931 X - Missing
Halme, Maria E. Waukegan, IL 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Halonen, Eila Detroit, MI 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Hamalainen, H.J. Nashwauk, MN 11/10/1931 X - Missing
Hamalainen, Kalle & Olga Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 X - Missing
Hamalainen, Kalle & Saima Grand Rapids, MI 3/2/1932 R - Returned
Hamalainen, Yrjo, Anna, Raymond, George     X - Missing
Hamilton, Aleksander, Lempi & Tauno Port Chester, NY ??? X - Missing
Hamlin, O.W. Portland, OR 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Hanhela, Yrjo Suomi 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Hanko, Selma NY, NY 7/3/1932 X - Missing
Hannula, Andrew ??? 1/1/1932 A - Ammuttu, Andrew, executed 28 December 1937 
Hannula, Jonas & Mari-H Seattle, WA 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hannula, Nick  Angora, MN 10/29/1931 A - Ammuttu, Nick, executed 10 February 1938
Harhio, August Frederick, SD 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Harjanne, Toimi & Saima ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Harju, Adolph, Fiina, Arnold, Tenho Ilwaco, WA 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Harju, Hjalmer Rock, MI 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Harju, Kalle Mahtowa, MN 7/24/1932 X - Missing
Harju, Knut ??? 4/26/1931 X - Missing
Harju, Matti ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Harju, Reino Rock, MI 3/2/1932 R - Returned
Harju, Sigrid ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Harju, Theodore Detroit, MI 6/3/1933 X - Missing
Harjunpaa, Emil, Selma, Sally, Rynar Bradford, RI 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Haskelin, John E. Superior, WI 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hauskan, Wm.Sr, Askel, Sulo, Wm. Jr. West Concord, NH 10/9/1932 X - Missing
Hauta, Axel, Aili & Richard Clifford, WI 9/26/1931 X - Missing
Hauta, Richard, Aili, & Axel                        9/26/1931 X - Missing
Hauta, Sirkka, Tilda & A. NY, NY 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hautala, Fiina & Matti Brooklyn, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Hautamaki, Edwin Clifford, WI 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Hautamaki, Matti & Sylvia Caspian, MI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hautamaki, Nikolai & family Palmer, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Hautamaki, Sam ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Hautaniemi, Juokko NY, NY 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Hayrynen, Oscar, Fanny & Ensio Superior, WI 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Heckman, Emil   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Heikkila, Gus Gardner, MA 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Heikkinen, Eskel ??? 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Heikkinen, Henry Cannonsberry, PA 6/3/1933 X - Missing
Heikkinen, Vaino & Alli Phelps, WI 1/26/1932 A - Ammuttu, Vaino, executed 21 January 1938
Heimola, Waino & Lahja Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Heino, Alex ??? 5/27/1931 X - Missing
Heino, Frank, Justina, Alice, Walter Menahga, MN 9/22/1931

A - Ammuttu, Frank, executed 22 April 1938. My grandmother's family The Heino's consisting of her father Frank, mother Justina, her brother Walter and her sister Alice were never heard from. My grandmother passed away in 1998 and never gave up looking for them. She knew that her father had been executed, but just found out about 10 years before her death. Information provided by Cheryl Carmichael 3/11/09.


I am the grandson of Frank & Justina Heino.  He emigrated to the Soviet Union with his children Alice & Walter as well as my father Carl Heino and Arvid & Martha Tieva and their two daughters Florence and Violet. My father had just turned 17 when they emigrated.  When he turned 18 he immediately started the procedure to return which he did prior to the start of World War II.  Martha Tieva was Frank and Justina's daughter so Arvid was their son-in-law.  Fortunately they and their daughters also returned to the US as well.  Several years ago my daughter went to Russia and did some research on the family and learned that Uncle Walter was killed fighting for the Soviet Union defending Leningrad against the Germans.  I would very much like to make contact with Cheryl Carmichael who submitted information about the Heino family to this website on 3/11/09, we must be related and we can exchange information.  We also have some letters from Justina she may be interested in knowing about.  Information provided by Frank Heino 8/31/2011.   


Heino, Ida Westerly, RI 7/3/1932 X - Missing
Heino, John & Lotta Angora, MN 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Heino, Kalle   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Heino, Kalle   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Heino, Mauritz, Hilma, William & Mirjam Bovey, MN 9/30/1931 X - Missing
Heino, Nestor, Elvin & Eino Westerly, RI 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Heinonen, Alexius   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Hela, Henry Cloquet, MN 10/16/1931 D-1934;
Helander, Niilo NY, NY 7/3/1932 A - Ammuttu, Niilo, executed 20 January 1938
Helander, Roy & Aina NY, NY 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Helin, Evert NY, NY 5/30/1934 A - Ammuttu, Evert, executed 28 December 1938
Helin, Mirjam, Vivia, Jenni & Eino Wilton, CN 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Hellberg, Arvo & Martha New Rochelle, NY 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Helle, Leo                                              4/26/1931 R;# - Already in Karelia
Helmstrom, August Chicago, IL 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Hemming, August & family Chardon, OH 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Hempi, Emil ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Henderson, Kaino R. Waukegan, IL 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hendrickson, Aili, Hessu, ja Yrjo   4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Hendrickson, Arvi & Evi ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Hendrickson, Ida & Axel Brooklyn, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Hendrickson, Jalin, Emmi & Art Detroit, MI 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Hendrickson, John, Olga & Fred ??? 4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Hendrickson, Martti Superior, WI ??? X - Missing
Hendrickson, Paul Detroit, MI 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Hendrickson, Richard Waukegan, IL 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Hendrickson, Robert Waukegan, IL 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Hendrickson, Sam & Hilda Cloquet, MN 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hendrickson, Toivo Castle Rock, WA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Hentilan family   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Hernesniemi, Nestor NY, NY 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Herrala, Edward Spencer, NY 1/26/1932 A - Ammuttu, Edward (Erkki), executed 3 April 1938
Herrala, Renne Spencer, NY 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Hietala,Victor, Anni & Tauno ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Hietaniemi, Eino Florenton, MN 12/10/1932 X - Missing
Hietaniemi, Elmer, Helmi & Elaine Florenton, MN 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Higg, Henry San Pedro, CA 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Hill, Arthur Ilwaco, WA 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Hill, Henry Warren, OH 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Hill, John Brittmount, MN 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Hill, John Rock, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Hill, John, Elisa& Vernon ??? 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Hill, Kalle & Hilda Baltimore, MD 5/22/1931 X - Missing
Hill, Konsta Quincy, MA 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Hill, Laila L. Quincy, MA 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Hill, Victor Wilkes Barre, PA 6/3/1932 X - Missing
Hill, Victor & family Elo, MI 9/28/1932 X - Missing
Hill, William Warren, OH 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Hill, Yrjo Seattle, WA 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Hillunen, Aarne ??? 4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Hilly (Hill?) Jeria Chicago, IL 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Hilly, Eino (Hill?) & Emilia Chicago, IL 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Hintaa, Otto Bessemer, PA 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Hintsanen, Emil Jamaica, NY 10/9/1932 X - Missing
Hirvela, Senja & boys NY, NY 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Hirvonen, Eino & Elizabeth Duluth, MN 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hirvoset Duluth, MN 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hoglund, Fred Detroit, MI 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hoipa, Herman Rock, MI 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Hokkanen, Aate ??? 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Hokkanen, Einar  Cleveland, OH 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Hokkanen, John Baltimore, MD 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hokkanen, Lauri & Sylvia Sugar Island, MI 5/30/1934

R - Returned, Lauri and Sylvi Hokkanen, a young, recently married second generation Finnish American couple also caught "Karelian fever." She had taught in a one-room school for a few years and he had worked in the woods, owned a little sawmill and a grain grinding mill. So in spite of the Great Depression, they were surviving rather well on Sugar Island, a small island in the St. Mary's River near Sault Ste. Marie. They were hall Finns, attending all through their childhood a variety of activities at the leftist hall, including political lectures by Communist leaders. Lauri and Sylvi left for Karelia in 1934, when "Karelian fever" had just about subsided. There was no band, no singing of the Internationale, no waving of red flags when their little band of less than a dozen boarded the ship, Smolny, for the journey across the ocean to Karelia. They really didn't have much to take with them except for a Simmons hide-a-bed and Lauri's tools, but they were young and strong. Upon arrival, they were assigned to a lumber camp in Uhtua, north of Petroskoi, There the bedbugs made sleep almost impossible. They did a variety of types of work. Sylvi, the former teacher, drove a horse around and around in a circle to turn a mixer to make brick slurry. She also served as a cook for log drivers downstream. Cooking was not a difficult task, for so few foods foods were available. They had porridge for breakfast and soup made of canned meat and dried potatoes for the other two meals. Sylvi hoped to teach in Karelia and was therefore pleased to be given an opportunity to attend a teachers' college in Petroskoi where she majored in Finnish and Finnish literature. She also had to study the Russian language and Russian literature and history, and philosophy—the philosophy of Communism. The most surprising course requirement was "War Study," which entailed a study of the rifle and rifle practice to get them ready for the final conflict with "capitalist exploiters." Lauri left the sawmill where he had been employed, accepting a transfer to a ski factory in Petroskoi. His skill in auto and marine engine repair was valued as was his ability to play the trumpet in the ski factory band. They lived in a barracks where they had their own cubicle for six years. They suffered long queues to buy whatever food might be available, and rued the lack of privacy. Sylvi had to get a Russian passport to continue with schoolwork, so almost unknowingly they gave up their U.S. citizenship. In the fall of 1936 she began teaching, earning 1,000 rubles per month, two times as much as her husband earned with all of his overtime. But her job of teaching Finnish literature and language ended abruptly just a year later when all Finnish language activities and materials were banned. So she got a job teaching in an all-Russian school. But it was an unmitigated disaster, for her Russian language was not acceptable. Late in 1937, a friend of theirs was arrested and taken away. Why? They were afraid even to speculate. In 1938 the same thing happened to many Finns and Finnish Americans whom they knew. The wives of many were transported to an island in Lake Onega and put to work in the lime quarries, and some were simply turned out of their homes and told to get out of town, e.g. Laila Korpi. The Hokkanens decided it was time to go home. They told the Soviets that their parents were ailing and needed their help. Surprisingly, they received permission to leave. They knew of only one other similar request that was granted at that time. A war was raging in Europe, so they came back to Sugar Island by way of Japan. They were permitted to take only twenty American dollars with them and their personal belongings, which consisted mainly of old clothes. After six-and-a-half years in Karelia that wasn't very much to have saved. They visited their folks on Sugar Island but then went to Detroit where Lauri got a job in a tool and die shop where he worked for twenty-nine years until his retirement, at which time they moved back to the island. They didn't talk much about their experiences in Karelia either, thinking that people might not be interested or perhaps, like Lauri's mother, simply did not believe what they said. In 1991, their daughter, Anita Middleton, helped them recall that time of their lives and publish a book, Karelia, a Finnish-American Couple in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941.
Sylvia Kinnunen, Marquette Monthly October, 2000

Holland William & Edla Detroit, MI 4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Holland, Hjalmer & family ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Hollo, Frank ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Hollo, Mary & Frans Danielson, CN 12/29/1931 R - Returned
Holman, Elsie NY, NY 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Holman, Heikki NY, NY 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Holmberg, Einar Cleveland, OH 5/22/1931

A - Ammuttu, My paternal grandfather Einar Holmberg came to the U.S. in 1913, and left for Karelia in 1931 from Cleveland Ohio.  I have been able to learn from a correspondent in Finland that he was executed in Murmansk on Nov. 21, 1938.  In the list of victims there is also a "Edith Paulina Otontytar Holmberg", born in 1909, that was also executed. Maybe he remarried?  Information provided by Leo Holmberg, on 9/4/2013.

Holmstrom, Victor, Hulda & Taisto West Orange, NJ 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Holopainen, Aaro, Martha, Helmi, & Toivo Mason, WI ??? X - Missing
Holtti, Kalle, Toini, Impi & Lylli Brooklyn, NY 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Holtti, Olavi NY, NY 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Hongisto,Senja & Vaino Waukegan, IL 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Honka, Paavo & family   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Honka, Sirkka, Inga, Ester, & Paavo   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Honkala, Evert Brookston, MN 10/16/1931 R - Returned
Honkanen, Nestor ??? 6/3/1931 X - Missing
Honkanen, Viola, Selma & Yrjo NY, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Honkanen, William ??? 1/1/1932 A - Ammuttu, William, executed 9 January 1938
Honko, Edward ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Honkonen, William   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Hookana, Sinno ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Horsman, John & family Minneapolis, MN 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Hovi, Albert & Elias New Ipswich, NH 12/6/1932 X - Missing
Huhta, John, Laina & Bruno Warren, OH 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Huhtala, John & Olga Quincy, MA 7/24/1932 X - Missing
Hulkko, William Duluth, MN 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Hummastin, Abraham & family Svensen, OR 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Hummastin, Willie R. Svensen, OR 9/26/1932 X - Missing
Huovinen, Lizzie, Vilma, Willehart, and E. Minneapolis, MN 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Huttunen, Lempi Detroit, MI 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Huuki, Kalle   12/29/1931 A - Ammuttu, Kalle (Karl), executed 28 December 1938
Huurto, William & Katri   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Huuskonen, Abel & family Sebeka, MN 9/22/1931 X - Missing
Huuskonen, Abel & Sandra Ironwood, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Huutulampi, Antti, Meri, Rauha & Reino Lake Mine, MI ??? X - Missing
Hynnynen, Charles & family NY, NY 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Hytti, Matti ??? 8/8/1931 X - Missing
Hyvarinen, A. Brush Prarie, WA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Hyytinen, Otto Westport, WA 9/11/1932 R - Returned
Ikalainen, Lauri & Liina Chicago, IL 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Ilmonen, Arvid Pittsburg, CA 10/9/1932 X - Missing
Ilvespakka, Paavo Suomi 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Immonen, Elsa Berkeley, CA 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Immonen, John Eagle River, WI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Immonen, Peter & Tyyne Grand Rapids, MI 3/2/1932 R - Returned
Ingman, Hjalmer, Aino & Aino Norwood, MA ??? X - Missing
Ingstrom, Emil, Ida, Kunnar & Sirkka Quincy, MA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Inkisen family Detroit, MI 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Isoherra, Johannes   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Isokangas, William Ilwaco, WA 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Isola, Matti & Mary New Ipswich, NH 12/6/1932 X - Missing
Jaakkola, Arne Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Jaakkola, Impi & Victor   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Jaakkola, Wallu NY, NY 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Jaakola, Kostu, Martha, Toivo & Helmi Iron River, WI 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Jaaskelainen, John Gardner, MA 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Jacobson, Emil Angora, MN 9/28/1932 X - Missing
Jacobson, George & Hilma Cleveland, OH 9/21/1931 R - Returned
Jacobson, Yrjo Cleveland, OH 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Jalkanen, Adam, Clyde, Tyyne & Leslie Brantwood, WI / Owen, WI 3/2/1932

Leslie and Clyde Jalkanen, along with their mother, Tynne (?) left Russian and after spending four years in Finland, returned to the United States in 1940. They settled in the Finnish community of Voluntown, CT. Adam apparently stayed in Russia.  Information provided by Judy (Korpela) Schoch – June 2009

Jalo, Victor & Aina Berkley, CA 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Jamieson, Oliver and Mrs.K. San Pedro, CA 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Jamsa, Henry & Hulda Constantine, NY 9/21/1931 X - Missing
Jamsen, Kalle ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Janhonen, Abel, Sophia, Irma, Paul & Allen Aberdeen, WA 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Janhonen, Nikodemus, Hilda, Eleanor & Irene Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Jantti, Elsie & Arne Brooklyn, NY 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Jappinen, Abel, Rauni & Charlotte Norwood, MA 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Jaroinen,Daisy, Elmer, Lyyli & Kusti   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Jarvi, Matti, Lemppi, Dorothy, Eugene & Aune Palmer, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Jarvi, Waino, Saima & Kusti Worcester, MA 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Jarvi, William & Kustaava Cleveland, OH 4/5/1932 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Ellen, Siiri & Julius Bessemer, PA 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Elmer, Lyyli & Daisy ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Felix Cromwell, MN 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Jarvinen, K & family   9/12/1931 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Kusti   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Otto & family Embarrass, MN 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Jarvinen, Waino Cromwell, MN 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Jarvio, Aino & Eino NY, NY 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Jarvis, Frank Oakland, CA 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Albin Hempstead, NY 10/29/1931 R - Returned
Johnson, Alex Rock, MI 12/6/1931 X - Missing
Johnson, David Newcastle, PA 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Johnson, Evert                             Chicago, IL 5/17/1933 R - Returned
Johnson, Fiina & Richard Chicago, IL 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Henry Brooklyn, NY 8/4/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Jacob Cromwell, MN 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Jenny Teaneck, NJ 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, John & Mary Detroit, MI 7/24/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, John O. & Sophia (was listed as Johnson, John A. & Sophia) Ludlow, VT 1/26/1932

John O. Johnson, left Ludlow VT 1/26/32 with his wife Sophia Johnson. Died en route to Karelia 1/30/32. John's son's Theodore A. Johnson and William Johnson, both of Ludlow, VT also returned to US, William on 8/17/34 and Theodore on 7/8/32. Both lived long lives in the US, thank God. Sophia's fate is unknown. Information provided by Jo-Ann Coates, 14 Nov 2011.

Johnson, John, Alma & family Angora, MN 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Johnson, Lilja Chicago, IL 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Johnson, Listo Brule, WI 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Matti & family Brooklyn, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Johnson, Peter & family ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Johnson, Richard Detroit, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Johnson, Risto, Impi, Irja & Ernest Waukegan, IL ??? X - Missing
Johnson, Sulo Brule, WI 1/26/1932 R - Returned
Johnson, Theodore & Arvi ??? 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, Theodore J. ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Johnson, Walter Arnold, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Johnson, William Ludlow, VT 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Jokela, Iver (Juho) Munising, MI 10/29/1931 A - Ammuttu, Juho (Juhan), executed 20 January 1938
Joki, Arvo ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Jokiaho, Erkki & family Ironwood, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Jokimaki, Yrjo, Hiilja, Emilija, Ralph, Helmi, Bertha Baraga, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Jokinen, Antti, Hanna & family NY, NY 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Jokinen, August, Lyyli & Toini NY, NY ??? X - Missing, Daughter Toini died at age 8 in Karelia
Jokinen, Erland & Hilja Eben Junction, MI 8/24/1932

R-Returned - Erland and Hillja Jokinen returned to the United States and are buried at the Park Cemetery in Marquette, Michigan.  The main head stone reads Jackson-Jokinen. Information provided by Gary Dahlke. 31 Jan 2014

Jokinen, Paavo, Hilja & Antti NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Jokinen, Toini & Lydia NY, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Jokinen, Urho & Anna Detroit, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Jokinen, Waino   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Jokiranta, Fiilus, Elsi & Fanny Roberts, MT 1/26/1932

Information regarding Felix "Feelies" Jokiranta and his wife, Fannie Sofia Kero and their daughter Elsie Mae Jokiranta. Felix was born 18 Mar 1895; place unknown. He died in Red Lodge, Montana on 21 Jun 1986. Carbon County Cemetery Records, JOKIRANTA, FELIX 1895 1986 Red Lodge. Montana State Death Index 1980-1989 – J Montana State Death Index List Last Name, First Name, Middle - Death Date - File#, County JOKIRANTA, FELIX, - 6/21/1986 - 2795 - 5 Married: bef 1925 Fanny Sofia Kero, born: 16 Jul 1900 in Red Lodge (Fox), Montana. Died: 23 Apr 1964 in Red Lodge, Montana Carbon County Cemetery Records, JOKIRANTA , FANNY SOFIA 16 JUL 1900 23 APR 1964 Red Lodge. Montana State Death Index 1960-1969 – J Montana State Death Index List Last Name, First Name, Middle - Death Date - File#, County JOKIRANTA, FANNY, S - 4/23/1964 - 1638 - 5 daughter Elsie Mae Jokiranta, born: 27 Mar 1925 in Red Lodge, MT; died 15 May 1989 in Billings, Montana married: 17 Nov 1945 in Livingston, Montana to Waino Harold Hamburg 1925-2001. Both the Hamburgs and Keros were neighbors of mine in Fox, Montana. Information provided by Matti Kujala, 1 Oct 2008.

Jousinen, Lauri Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Jukkala, William Hancock, MI ??? X - Missing
Jukkola, Hiski Fort Bragg, CA 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Junell, Arvi & Edith Fairport, OH 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Junnola, Eino Detroit, MI 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Junnola, Elli Detroit, MI 11/13/1932 R - Returned
Juntanen, Kalle Detroit, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Juntilla, Onni, Aliina & Clara Bovey, MN 8/19/1931 X - Missing
Juntunen, John Eben Junction, MI 12/3/1932 X - Missing
Juntunen, Laila & Anna Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 X - Missing
Juntunen, Tuoma & family Bruce Crossing, MI 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Juoni, Jacob Ashland, WI 8/19/1931 X - Missing
Jurva, Otto & Martha New Castle, PA 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Jurvelin, Paavo NY, NY 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Jusunen, John Eben Junction, MI 12/10/1932 X - Missing
Juth, John, Marju, Tauno & Ahti Embarrass, MN 6/27/1934 X - Missing
Juutilainen, Henry & family Mahtowa, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Juutilainen, Oscar Cloquet, MN 1/16/1932 X - Missing
Juvonen, Edwin & Peter Detroit, MI 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Jylha, Kalle & family Conneaut, OH 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Jyrkinen, Jussi, & Hilda Bondville, VT 12/6/1932 X - Missing
Jyrkinen, Tauno Bondville, VT 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kaartinen, Matt   9/26/1931 A - Ammuttu, Matt (Mathew), executed 28 December 1937
Kaartinen, Onni Chicago, IL 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kaartunen, Leo Brantwood, WI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kaartunen, Walter                                    9/26/1931 R - Returned
Kahila, Kalle, Elsi & Kaukko Norwood, MA 8/5/1931 R - Returned
Kahkonen, Unto A. Erin, NY 12/9/1931 R - Returned
Kaija, Toivo Keene, NH 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kaikkonen, Matti & Minnie Detroit, MI 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Kainu, Matti, Marta & Son Unto Cleveland, OH 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kaipinen, Anni & Toivo Suomi 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kaipinen, Johan, Maria & Ella Buffalo, NY 5/22/1931 X - Missing
Kaisko, Oscar ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kajander, Niilo & Mary Warren, OH 11/18/1931 A - Ammuttu, Niilo, executed 22 April 1938
Kakkonen, Veikko & Lauri Kettle River, MN 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Kalander, Arvid Brounsmeud, OR 10/29/1931 R - Returned
Kalaves, John & family   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Kallinen,Karl R. Cloquet, MN 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kallio, Jani & Kerttu ???   8/5/1931 X - Missing
Kallio, John & Lisi   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kallio, Lauri & Urho Washburn, WI 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kallio, Nick Washburn, WI 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kallio, Olga Milford, NH 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Kallio, Reino NY, NY 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kallio, Vaino & Victor Milford, NH 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kallioan, Waldemar & Ida Philadelphia, PA 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Kamarainen, Paul Superior, WI 10/29/1931 R - Returned
Kampi, Elina & Yrjo Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Kanerva, Aino & Norma ??? ??? X - Missing
Kangas, Anni & Arvi NY, NY 7/3/1932 X - Missing
Kangas, Antti, Terttu, Martha, Olavi, Urho Drummond, MI 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Kangas, Eino ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kangas, Ernest Reading, VT 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kangas, John Reading, VT 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kangas, John & Fiina Detroit, MI 9/11/1932 R - Returned
Kangas, Nestor Bovey, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, Nestori & Lempi Newport, NH 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, Otto, Hilda & Lily ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, Sami & Ida ??? 9/12/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, Signe & Kristian Ilwaco, WA 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Kangas, Tyyne & Svante ??? 8/8/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, Urho Drummond, MI 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Kangas, William Reading, VT 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kankaanpaa, Kalle Detroit, MI 11/9/1932 X - Missing
Kankaanpaa, S. ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kanninen, Nestor Detroit, MI 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Kanninen, Vaino   1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kannon family   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Kanster, John Ishpeming, MI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Kanto, Pekka, Ingrid & Vaino Orange, NJ 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kantola, Olavi Superior, Wi 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Karenius, Oscar, Anna, & Allen West Orange, NJ ??? X - Missing
Karhu, Helmi & Impi Warren, OH 7/3/1932 X - Missing
Karhu, Juho & Eugene Warren, OH 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Kari, Antti, Mary, Sylvia & Lauri Ely, MN 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Kari, Frank, Elma & Ida Astoria, OR 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kari, Ivar, Elizabeth, Elmer & John Duluth, MN 5/22/1931 X - Missing
Kari, Kalle Astoria, OR 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Karikko, Fanny & Kust Cleveland, OH 12/29/1931 R - Returned
Karki, John, Ann, Ensio, Ellen & Wilhelm Brookston, MN 1/16/1932 X - Missing
Karkkainen, Armas Westminster, MA 7/24/1932 X - Missing
Karkkainen, Olli Ely, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Karklund, Kalle, Helmi & Mildred Brittmount, MN 10/9/1932 X - Missing
Karlsson, Kalle & Ida NY, NY 5/5/1932 X - Missing
Karttu, Matti ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kasari, Alex Chardon, OH 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Kaskela, Matt & William Spencer, NY 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Kataja, Maria Great Neck, NY 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Kataja, Walter & Urho ??? 6/3/1931 X - Missing
Kaukajoki, John, Anni, Senja & Joel Chassell, MI 11/18/1931 R - Returned
Kauko, Jenny & Kalle   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Kaulio, Antti & Ida Washburn, WI   X - Missing
Kaupila, Jack & Aina Ironwood, MI 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kauppi, Hilda & Leo NY, NY 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Kauppi, Onni, Elli & Onni Jr. Long Island, NY ??? X - Missing
Kauppinen, Joel & Selma Conneaut, OH 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kauppinen, Lydia & Emil Warren, OH 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Keil, Jacob Warren, OH 12/9/1931 X - Missing
Keinonen, Yrjo Brandon, VT 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kekkonen, Vaino & Mimmi NY, NY 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kempainen, Mary & Walter   12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kempainen, Tauno W. W. Concord, NH 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Kempainen, Wesley, Emma & Kalle Aberdeen, WA 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Kemppainen, Joseph   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Kent, Walter NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Keranen, Alarik NY, NY 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Keranen, Unto, Irja, Mary & Eino ??? 1/1/1932

R- Returned, Eino and Maria Keranen, grandparents of Laverne Chappell, a well known Marquette writer, never told her about the Karelian period in their lives until she was in college doing some research for a class in Russian history. The Keranens, natives of Finland, owned and operated a small forty-acre farm in Watton. Like many others, they yearned for something better, so during the years of "Karelian Fever" they sold their farm, packed up their young daughter and son, and with their worldly possessions they set off. They knew life would be difficult during the beginning years, but they found it to be more difficult than they could have imagined. No housing was available so the men had to fell tress and construct a log barracks. Some barracks provided a separate little room for each family, but theirs had only one big room for sleeping and a communal dining room. The lack of privacy was bothersome. The scarcity of food was irksome. Although decisions which would affect their group were made at group meetings, they quickly learned that certain comments and suggestions were not welcome and, in fact, led to the disappearance of the unwary. Together and very privately they discussed ways they might extricate themselves from the unexpectedly unpleasant situation. Their daughter Iria needed medical attention. It was possible that the forty-mile ride to school each week in an open truck during frigid winter weather and the poor diet may have caused, or at least contributed to her poor health. They decided to seek permission to take her to Finland where she might receive the care she needed. Fortunately, Mrs. Keranen had a lovely, warm winter coat with a fur collar that a number of women had eyed covetously; she also had her prized sewing machine. With those two items, they were able to bribe a Russian interpreter at the commune to expedite their trip to Finland. Actually they sold her the items and bought tickets to Finland with the money. Naturally, after they reached Finland, they didn't go back to Russia. They came back to Watton. They were able to reclaim their forty-acre farm with its modest house and barn, for the man who had "bought" it had made no payments beyond the first one, nor had he paid the taxes.
They lived a quiet life on the farm, not talking to anyone of their unfortunate trip to Karelia. Were they embarrassed? Were they afraid the KGB or NKVD might be looking for them? It was basically a happy life, but in the back of their minds lurked the fear that at any time a car might drive down their lane with KGB men in it coming to punish them for leaving Russia without permission. Sylvia Kinnunen, Marquette Monthly October, 2000

Kerkkonen, Seth & Milja NY, NY 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Kero, Jaakko Detroit, MI 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kero, Lauri J. Roberts, MT 1/26/1932 R - Returned
Kerttula, Nestor, Kerttu, Hertta & Noimi Eben Junction, MI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Kesanto, Signe and M. & the boys Sprngfld Gardens, NY 9/21/1931 X - Missing
Keskinen, John Seattle, WA 9/28/1932 X - Missing
Keskinen, Vilho & Ida Berkeley, CA 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Ketola, Arne, Lydia & John Maynard, MA 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Ketola, Helen, Richard, Impi & Nick Angora, MN 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Ketola, Jacob O. Toivola, MN 1/16/1932 X - Missing
Ketola, Jenny, Walter & Arvi Inwood, NY 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Kettunen, Arthur Brookston, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Kettunen, August Iron River, MI 5/26/1931

X - Missing - August Kettunen is my Great-Grandfather.  I've been looking for him for a very long time.  If you have any information, please contact me at Thank you, Jaci W.  February 2011

Kiiskila, Emil, Viola, Laila& Hukla Ashby, MA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kiiskinen, Katri Chicago, IL 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Kiiskinen, Otto Chicago, IL 10/9/1932

R - Returned, I have some information about Otto Kiiskinen who left to Karelia from Chicago 19/10/1932 His name is there in Laiho list. Otto Kiiskinen was my grandfather and he died at 1972 at 94 years old. My grandfather and grand mom have 5 children - 4 girls and one boy. My mom is first born. If anyone knows anything about my grandfather's life in USA for 30 years he was there - I'm grateful of any information. I know my grandfather was married twice in USA and I know he had 2 daughters and one son there.  So please , if you know anything about him, let me know!

My grandfather Otto Kiiskinen (left from Chicago maybe 10th of Sep 1932 to Karelia / there in my first message is a wrong date) came back to Finland just before the war from Karelia. He wanted to see his family and renew his passport but the war started and he stayed in Finland, because he could go back to Soviet Union. That was our luck, because he met my grandmother and they got married. My grandfather lived good life in Finland and his wife, who was 36 years younger than he - they got five children. Otto Kiiskinen died 1972. He was loved and honored father and grandfather. I miss him still very much and his stories about his life in USA where he was living 30 years. Of course my grandfather's children in USA are not alive anymore but maybe they had children also and I hope to get some connection with someone of them... (sorry my English is not very good).  Information provided by raija oikarinen 

Kilpela, Aarne, Sylvia & Eila Aura, MI 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kilpi, Helen & August NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Kilpi, Kalle, Hilma & Vera NY, NY ??? X - Missing
Kilpinen, Lauri ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Kilponen, Matti Portland, OR 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Kinnunen, John, Mirjam & Olavi Fitchburg, MA 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Kinnunen, Otto Angora, MN 1/26/1932 X - Missing
Kinnunen, Vihtori & family   6/3/1931 X - Missing
Kirismanen, M   4/26/1931 # - Already in Karelia
Kittila, Emil ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kiuttu, Tyyne, Toivo, Sofi, & Walter            9/26/1931 R - Returned
Kivelä Family, Kalle, Oscar, Veikko, Eino, & Anton ??? ??? X - Missing
Kivi, Hilda & M.V. San Francisco, CA 5/5/1932 R - Returned
Kivikoski, Arthur, Hilma, Robert & Kenneth Baraga, MI ??? X - Missing
Kivioja, Matti ??? 8/8/1931 X - Missing
Kivisto, Gust                                 Oulu, WI 5/17/1933 R - Returned
Kivisto, John Brookston, MN 11/18/1931 R - Returned
Kivisto, Nestor, Ilmi & Vieno Lebanon, NH 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Klemets, Leander, Elma & family Northport, WA 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Klemola, Edward & Eva Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Kohonen, Robert & Toivo Minneapolis, MN 12/9/1931 Toivo remained
Koistila, Helmi & Arttu Suomi 12/29/1931 X - Missing
Koivisto, Gabriel, Mary, and Eino Calumet, MI 8/19/1931 R - Returned - Gabriel Koivisto was my grandfather. The "family" members noted as going to Karelia with him were Grandma Mary Koivisto and their youngest son, Eino.

Onni Koivisto, son of Gabriel and Mary, was my father.

 Onni returned to MN in 1933. "Arne" Koivisto was actually "Arvid" Koivisto, Onni's brother. Arvid also returned to Minnesota and died in Chisholm, MN, in 2011.  Information provided by Barbara (Koivisto) Anderson Marston 6-18-2014

Koivisto, Onni and Arvid (Arne) ??? 8/8/1931 R - Returned - Onni Koivisto, son of Gabriel and Mary, was my father. Onni returned to MN in 1933. "Arne" Koivisto was actually "Arvid" Koivisto, Onni's brother. Arvid also returned to Minnesota and died in Chisholm, MN, in 2011. Information provided by Barbara (Koivisto) Anderson Marston 6-18-2014
Koivisto, Pekka & Mirjam Detroit, MI ??? X - Missing
Koivisto, Tilda   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Koivu, Charles NY, NY 5/30/1934 X - Missing
Koivu, Nestor                                            5/26/1931 R - Returned
Koivuluoma, J.W. Temple, ME 9/11/1932 A - Ammuttu, J (Jaakko), executed 22 April 1938
Kokka, Antti ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kokko, Elmer Erie, PA 5/17/1933 X - Missing
Kolari, Kustave & family Cook, MN 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kolehmainen, Daniel Cleveland, OH 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Kollinen, Kauko Chicago, IL 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Kolmio, Ekbomin ??? 8/5/1931 X - Missing
Kolstrom, Raymond, Helmi & Gus Brooklyn, NY 12/29/1931 R - Returned
Komi, John Duluth, MN 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kompsi, Voitto J. Lanesville, MA 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Kononen, Tauno & Sanni ??? 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Kontio, Aate Lake Mine, MI 9/8/1931 X - Missing
Kontio, Adolf ??? 1/1/32   X - Missing
Kopola, Reino Hancock, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Korhonen, John West Paris, ME 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Korhonen, R. & family Portland, OR 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Korhonen, Kalle & Alina; daughters, Irja & Irma Timmins, Ontario   X - Missing
Korhonen, Vaino, Martha & Elmer Berkeley, CA 9/21/1932 X - Missing
Korpela, Edward Troy, NH 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Korpela, Toivo, Gust, Marie, Bill and Oliver Owen, WI 3/2/1932

Toivo Korpela, who had live in Clifford and later moved to Owen, WI was the first of the Korpelas to immigrate to Karelia leaving on 02 Mar 1932 (on the same day as the Jalkanens and probably with them).   Toivo coaxed his parents, Gust and Marie Korpela, and his brothers, Bill and Oliver, into immigrating to Karelia also. The family sold everything they owned and left Owen, WI with Gust’s brother, Kalle (Carl) Korpela and Kalle’s wife, who was from Tripoli; The conditions in Russia were so harsh that the families obtained passes to ‘visit’ Finland and of course never returned to Karelia.  Kalle and his wife stayed in Finland.  Gust, Maria and Oliver stayed in Finland long enough to earn money to return to Owen, WI and later moved back to Clifford.  Toivo and Bill returned to the U.S. and took up residence in New York City.  Information provided by Judy (Korpela) Schoch – June 2009

Korpi, Jussi, Alina & Laila Ishpeming, MI 4/14/1932-34

Laila Korpi, originally from Ishpeming, went to Karelia with her mother in 1934, a few years after her father had gone. Her dad was assigned to a lumber camp; her mother became a mail carrier; and Laila was permitted to enroll in a Finnish drama school where she also studied dance, her first love. The Finnish people in Karelia at that time had an active social life. In a few years, the school closed, the speaking of the Finnish language was forbidden and Finnish books and magazines were burned. The time of terror was upon them. Laila had married Olavi Siiki, a second generation Finnish American from Detroit whose search for an ideal society had led him too to Karelia. He was very active in drama circles, even skiing to distant fishing villages and lumber camps to provide folks there with some entertainment. They had been losing friends, friends who simply disappeared and were not heard from again. One night in 1937 the dreaded knock was heard at their door and Olavi was led away. Her father, too, was arrested and taken perhaps to prison, perhaps to a labor camp or perhaps to be shot. After her husband was arrested, Laila was told to get out of their apartment and she lost her job. After all, the wife of "an enemy of the people" didn't deserve any sympathy. Olavi's parents volunteered to care for the baby Oliver while Laila and her mother went to Kostramo to live. Life was harsh. Their fist winter in Kostramo was very cold. They didn't have a bed in which to sleep so they laid boards from trunks to chairs; put on all their warm clothes including mittens, shoes and tams; and piled under and over them whatever warm things they could find. During WWII, Laila was shipped to Siberia to work on a collective farm where all the other workers spoke only Russian; she perforce learned to speak Russian. She was moved to various factories and eventually found herself again in Petroskoi, where she taught English at the elementary level for nine years and later worked in a drafting department until her retirement at age fifty-five. Through the efforts and the generosity of her cousin Emmy Kulkki of Gwinn, she was able to return to the area of her birth, living in Snowberry Heights until her health deteriorated, at which time she was transferred to the Palmer Nursing Home. Her old ballet slippers, which she had carried with her through the many years, hung by their ties on the wall by her bed. Her son Oliver moved from Russia to Alaska and called her regularly. She never saw her grandson nor her three great grandchildren again, which was a sorrow to her. Although she had been an atheist, while in Snowberry Heights she attended church regularly, anxious to learn what religion was all about. When she died, a service was held for her at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Marquette, where I was privileged to deliver the eulogy. Sylvia Kinnunen, Marquette Monthly October, 2000

Korpi, M. Ironwood, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Korpi, Oscar & Robert Cleveland, OH 8/5/1931 A - Ammuttu, Oscar, executed 20 January 1938
Korpi, Tilda & Arvo   5/26/1931 A - Ammuttu, Arvo, executed 20 January 1938
Korpi, Vaino & family Ironwood, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Korpilahti, Eetu & family Detroit, MI 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Korpinen, Karl & Frida NY, NY 8/11/1932 R - Returned
Kortela, Fred ??? 8/30/1931 X - Missing
Kortemaki, Kalle, Hilja, Ilmi & William Kingfield, ME 3/2/1932 X - Missing
Kortes, Irma, Bertha, Hilma ja Victor   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Koskela, Olga & Albin Cleveland, OH 4/26/1931 R ; # - Already in Karelia
Koski, Ahti Ashby, MA 11/13/1932 X - Missing
Koski, Ahti, Armas Norwood, MA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Koski, Arthur & family Baraga, MI 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Koski, Frank Collinsville, MA 12/10/1932 R - Returned
Koski, Helen & Walfred Iron River, MI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Koski, John & Milja Florenton, MN 10/8/1933 X - Missing
Koski, John, Alma & Uuno Bonhampton, NJ 9/11/1932 X - Missing
Koski, John, Lydia & Helen Bessemer, PA 10/10/1933 X - Missing
Koski, Jonas                                          Worcester, MA 9/26/1931 R - Returned
Koski, Kalle & Mary Waukegan, IL 6/27/1934 A - Ammuttu, Kalle,  executed 10 February 1938
Koski, Paavo Quincy, MA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Koski, Sam Detroit, MI 8/11/1932 X - Missing
Koski, Soffia & Mikko   5/26/1931 X - Missing
Koski, Torsti & John Ashby, MA 8/24/1932 X - Missing
Koskinen, Benjamin, Maria, Edna & Aarne Astoria, OR ??? X - Missing
Koskinen, John Woodland, MN 10/16/1931 X - Missing
Koskinen, John & Alina Warren, OH 11/18/1931 X - Missing
Koskinen, Yrjo NY, NY 10/29/1931 X - Missing
Kotila, Edward ??? 6/3/1931 R - Returned
Kotiranta, Leo, Fanny & OIva ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kristo, Hjalmer & Tyyne ??? 1/1/1932 X - Missing
Kuffal, Matti Van Hook, ND 10/26/1932 X - Missing
Kuffall, Hilda, Waino, poikineen   9/26/1931 X - Missing
Kuismi, Peter Van Hook, ND 10/16/1931 X - Missing